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Heider HB1 Anti-glare Glasses

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On your bike
For day and night time driving
When using the computer

Heider HB1
Heider HB1 Optical Support System
Heider HB1 Adjustable Temples
Heider HB1 Adjustable Nosepiece





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Heider HB1 hero and yours eyes

The hero of your eyes in foggy conditions

Gas clouds cover the atmosphere under foggy condition and decrease your field of vision by reflecting light. This can especially endanger your security in traffic.

Use Heider HB1 Anti Glare glasses for your safety while driving in foggy conditions. HB1 filters eliminate the negative effects of foggy weather by preventing light reflection. It provides you a clear field of view.

Don’t strain your eyes on computer!

As it is known, light from the computer screen is extremely harmful for the eyes. However, our job requirements dictate us to use computers for hours. Redness in the eye, lachrymation, frequent need for rest are the problems we encounter.

Looking at the computer screen with Heider HB1 is vital for your eye health. Thanks to the special 6 filter glasses, harmful lights from the computer screen cannot reach your eyes.

Heider HB1 Sharper View
Heider HB1 skiing take

Do not forget to take it with you while skiing

We have an undescribable feeling when the ground is covered with white snow. The only thing to spoil this peace would be the eye irritation caused by the white reflection of the snow. Heider HB’s anti glare feature protects the eyes from light reflected from the snow and provides you with a good skiing experience.

Heider HB1 Lens Technology

A sharper view

HB1 will become indispensable for you thanks to its wide area of utilisation. Those interested in hunting know this very well. Even in case your prey is very close to you, it will be very hard to distinguish if it is camouflaged very well. Heider HB1 provides clearer visuals of objects you are following. You will not miss any details.

Thanks to it compact structure embracing the periphery of your eye, it also provides protection for your eyes against buckshots coming from your firearm. Prefer HB1 in shooting ranges.

Heider HB1 Sharper View

Indispensible for drivers

While driving at night your eyes are exposed to high amounts of light. This condition causes danger while driving as well as permanent damages to your eyes. Heider HB1’s 6 filter special glasses will provide protection for you against all negativities during night driving. With its design covering your face completely, it also provides protection against damaging lights coming from lateral directions. Don’t forget to take your HB1 with you when driving your car, motorcycle and bicycle.

Raincoat, Umbrella, HB1

Everybody knows very well that water is a natural reflector. Raindrops falling on the window of your car limit your vision while driving. You won’t notice the reflections caused by water if you are using HB1. Use HB1 in rainy weather, too!

Heider HB1 Raincoat Umbrella
Heider HB1 Prescription Glasses

Together with your prescription glasses

You don’t have to stop using your prescription glasses in order to benefit from the glare preventing properties of Heider HB1. You can place the glasses you are using in your daily life into the apparatus inside HB1 in order to utilize your prescription glasses together with HB1.

Heider HB1 Prescription Glasses
Heider HB1 Head Band img
Heider HB1 Head Band
Heider HB1 Comfortable Structure
Heider HB1 Comfortable Structure img

Heider HB2 anti-glare driving glasses have a very practical use with their clip-on design. Heider HB2 provides you a healthy vision by protecting your eyes with its 6 filtered special coating both in indoor and outdoor circumstances. Heider HB2 can be attached to your glasses easily and offers you a practical use with its 90-degree movable structure.

Heider HB2 provides you a healthy vision in various activities like hunting, outdoor sports, computer-using and day/night driving, Heider HB2 is approved by CE and FDA.


Day and Night Driving, Motorcycle and Bicycle riding, while using computer, while Skiing, Hunting


1x Heider HB1 Glasses
1x Head Band
1x Glass Protection
1x Zippered Storage Container
1x Cleaning Wipes
1x User Guide


Day and Night Driving, Motorcycle and Bicycle riding, while using computer, while Skiing, Hunting


1x Heider HB2 Glasses
1x Zippered Storage Container
1x Cleaning Wipes
1x User Guide


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